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We undertake enrolment of beneficiary citizens by setting up of kiosks, data collection and management, and issuing biometric cards. Our strong and well-trained staff interacts with the local communities to ensure maximum enrolment.

Better Enrolment Conversion

Our strong and well-trained staff is well-versed in meeting local communities, creating awareness on the benefits available and encouraging your citizens to enroll into your programs. We also have a track record of enrolling more family members per family for government schemes.

Cashless Hospitalization

Beneficiaries are assured of swift and hassle-free cashless hospitalization at exclusively empaneled hospital for Govt. health schemes. All they need to do is just carry the ID card issued by us and avail a hassle-free cashless treatment.

Hospital Empanelment

In addition to increasing our pan India network of hospitals, it is our constant endeavor to increase the number of hospitals and health centres empaneled exclusively for the government schemes to provide your beneficiary population the health benefits envisioned by your program. We specifically target and empanel hospitals in the vicinity of your beneficiary population. This means easy access to treatment and high utilization of benefits.

Fraud Management Capabilities

We have internal triggers that help us identify potential threats of fraudulent cases. This allows you to rest assured that your program reaches the intended population with least misuse.


Dashboards that give you a graphical summary and detailed reports of parameters like claims received, settled, denied and more.

Dedicated Call Centre

Our 24×7 dedicated call centers present across different states work towards handling citizen queries as well as grievances.


MedSave App

Your personalized e-gateway to MedSave services.

Log in with your secure credentials anywhere, any time. The portal allows you to generate your e-card, submit reimbursement requests online, and also scan and upload your medical records to maintain your electronic health repository. Carry your world of health insurance with you on your smartphone. The MedSave app allows you to send claims intimation, track claim status in real-time, view your e-card and also access your claims history / medical records in digital format on the move.

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