Our offerings

Corporate Enrollment Portal

Go paperless with hassle-free enrollment. MedSave allows you complete the enrollment online with the option of easily add / modify the beneficiaries to your policy at the time of enrolment.

Planned Hospitalization

Inform us about your impending hospitalization, and we will ensure that you get the benefit of cashless hospitalization, green channel admission and also the option to avail of discounted tariffs at our network hospitals. This helps you reduce your out-of-pocket expenses even if your policy places a cap on the expenses covered.


No more waiting! ePreauth facility at over 6500 hospitals with authorization in less than 2 hours.


In case of hospitalization at a non-network hospital, send us an intimation before you are discharged and submit all documents online to have your claim reimbursed faster. You can claim reimbursement for all the medical expenses approved under your policy.

Pharmacy and Outpatient Benefits

Be it the cost of medicines, pre- / post-hospitalization expenses, expenses related to domiciliary hospitalization or outpatient benefits, we ensure speedy administration of all expenses covered under your policy.

Individual policy holders

Join the MedSave Portal with your own personalised login and have real time access to real time tracking of your claims. You can additionally enjoy a host of other benefits if you create your login on our portal or app.

MedSave Ranger

Our MedSave Ranger meet you during the course of your admission at our network hospital to help you during your hospitalization. Our CareRanger also educates you about the necessary aspects of your health insurance claims as well as obtains feedback on our services and your experience during the hospitalization.


MedSave App

Your personalized e-gateway to MedSave services.

Log in with your secure credentials anywhere, any time. The portal allows you to generate your e-card, submit reimbursement requests online, and also scan and upload your medical records to maintain your electronic health repository. Carry your world of health insurance with you on your smartphone. The MedSave app allows you to send claims intimation, track claim status in real-time, view your e-card and also access your claims history / medical records in digital format on the move.

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We strive to provide you with our customized personal services and assure you of the best services in all times. Click below To Download MedSave App Now!