Licensed by IRDA to administer health policies issued by Insurance Companies, MedSave Health Insurance TPA Ltd. is a Third Party Administrator in health Insurance.

The insurer selected us to offer you with value added services such as:

  • Cashless Hospitalization
  • Expeditious Claim Settlement
  • 24 Hour Help-line to offer assistance and provide adequate response to all your queries
  • For Pre-authorization Claims, kindly send request at along with all hospitalization documents
  • MedSave cardholder visits any of the network hospital (Find hospitals in your area in our 'Network Hospital List') and, by producing MedSave card, he/ she establishes his/her identity to the hospital.
  • Pre-authorization request is sent by network hospital to MedSave Health Insurance TPA Ltd.
  • After authorization is received from MedSave, MedSave cardholder’s treatment starts, in case of planned hospitalization. Authorization from MedSave should be attained, prior to hospitalization.
  • In emergency case, authorization from MedSave can be obtained within 24 hours of admission, after hospitalization.
  • As per the terms & conditions of policy, hospital will not charge the card holder for any expenses except the deductibles like extra bed, phone charges etc.
  • Before discharge, the card holder should correctly fill up insurance claim form and sign it.
  • No original documents should be collected from the hospital by the card holder to facilitate direct payment to hospital, in case of cashless treatment.
  • The validity period of authorization is 3 days from the date of issue or date of hospitalization, whichever is later.
  • For expenses pertaining to pre and post hospitalization, the card holder will submit all original documents like prescriptions, cash memos, investigation report etc., to MedSave directly for reimbursement.
  • Don't take original documents related to treatment from a network hospital.

Important Note:

  • In case sufficient information in the prescribed pre-authorization format is not given or in case of vague symptoms, where MedSave Health Insurance TPA Ltd's medical team is not sure of the eligibility of coverage under the policy, due to inadequate medical information, pre-authorization for cashless can be denied.
  • The denial of cashless facility does not mean denial of treatment and does not prevent you from seeking necessary medical attention in hospital. The claim can be considered for payment, in accordance with terms and conditions of policy as a reimbursement claim.
  1. This facility is not available in Non-Network hospitals and only Reimbursement facility is available.
  2. The card holder will have to intimate to MedSave TPA within 24 hours of hospitalization, through a letter, fax, email address ( or do online claim intimation on our website
  3. The card holder will pay the total expenses directly to the hospital.
  4. After discharge from the hospital, the card holder will claim for the reimbursement from MedSave TPA.
  5. How to claim: After getting the intimation letter, MedSave will send claim form, which the card holder will fill up properly. The claim form can also be downloaded from our website

Documents to be enclosed with the claim form are:

  1. Photocopy of registration certificate of hospital. If unregistered, a certificate from the hospital, about the facilities including:
  2. No. of beds
  3. Availability of In-house Operation Theater
  4. 24 hours doctor on duty
  5. Pre hospitalization documents in original : Prescription, Chemist Bills and Investigation reports.
  6. Hospitalization documents in original : Discharge summary, investigation reports, hospital bill, receipts of payment, break-up of each heads of hospital bill separately, prescriptions and cash memo, incurred during hospitalization period, both supplied by the hospital and purchased from outside hospital.
  7. Post hospitalization documents in original : Prescriptions, chemist bills and investigation reports.
  8. The policyholder will have to deposit the above documents at MedSave branch office.


  1. Don't get admitted to hospital for health check-up, investigation or evaluation only. If existence of disease is not diagnosed, these are not payable.
  2. When treatment is taken at non-network hospital, send all original documents together with duly completed claim form. The policy of insurance covers hospitalization expenses for any disease, which is not excluded, as per policy terms and conditions. (For detailed exclusions, please refer to the policy document).